The winner picked using rafflecopter is Maggie Lee-Roberts who has been emailed


Day 23 is kindly being sponsored by ME πŸ™‚ Well this time by my website Lesser Spotted Comper.

If you have enjoyed these Advent Giveaways and love the idea of winning things then please do check out my website.


Lesser Spotted Comper is free to access and lists Pinterest, Instagram, Low Entry and Local Competitions. It’s aim is to take the hobby of Comping (entering competitions) back to being a fun and enjoyable hobby which only takes up a small amount of your time.

Too often Compers end up entering more and more and spending so much time on it that it takes over everything and can often feel like a job.

By selecting just the types of competitions which get the fewest entries I hope you’ll be winning in no time!


Todays prize is a Year Subscription to the PM ME service I run.

The PM ME Service gives access to a specialist list of competitions which has very very few entries (100 or less entries) as well as any flash competitions, pop up competitions and twitter parties that I spot.

These are the real gems of the comping world as most competitions often get thousands of entries and even higher!

As well as access to this list you will also receive private messages on either facebook or twitter (your choice) when I spot a twitter party, flash competition or pop up competition which is ending in the next few hours.

To help keep entries into these select competitions as low as possible I have even put a maximum cap on the number of people I will allow as PM ME Members to 200.

Due to the time I invest in this specialist and unique service I normally charge Β£2 per month


Todays giveaway is only open to UK residents and will be open to entries on the 23rd Dec 2016 from 00.00 til 23.59

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