After coming down with full on flu over the festive season I am finally well enough to start using my computer and have picked the remaining winners for my blogs advent giveaway – they have all been contacted by email about their wins.

Anyone that emailed their details before Christmas and that hasn’t received their prize yet please do let me know so I can chase it up for you.

Here is the full list of winners:

DAY 1 Carole Nott
DAY 2 Catherine McAlinden
DAY 3 Lara Bestwick
DAY 4 Kirsty Broadhead
DAY 5 Kim Neville
DAY 6 Lara Boekhoff
DAY 7 Yvonne Brownsea
DAY 8 Claire Bbdiva Butler
DAY 9 Margie Vickers
DAY 10 Fiona Sanderson
DAY 11 Helen Metcalfe
DAY 12 Pete Seaman
DAY 13 Jennifer Haden
DAY 14 Terri Jenner Was Matthias
DAY 15 Sharon Jackson
DAY 16 Amanda Jane Day
DAY 17 Rebecca Colby
DAY 18 Clair Downham
DAY 19 Kim Styles and Tracy K Nixon
DAY 20 Jan Johnson
DAY 21 Jodie E Harvey
DAY 22 Rebecca Colby
DAY 23 Maggie Lee-Roberts
DAY 24 – GRAND PRIZE – Leslie Crosbie