Mystery Box Giveaway


I regularly buy and get given products and books to review – which is great as I just love trying so many new products and books.

The downside is storage space – my husband copes well with my colouring collection even though he doesn’t quite understand why I don’t have biros in my colouring drawers or why I need so many different sets of pens or pencils. But he has restricted me to on specific storage unit which when it overflows means a clear out by wither throwing away or giving away loads of colouring goodies.

mystery boxI have decided when it’s overflow time I will now run a giveaway on this blog with the prize being a huge box full of slightly used and reviewed products as well as some new products purchased by me.


If you would like to get your name in the hat for the next mystery box giveaway just subscribe to the blog and fill in this form with what you’d like to see reviewed next on my blog eg: a specific book, a product you’d like me to try out

When I have an overflowing storage rack again I will pick a winner from the comments I have received

Just subscribe and fill in the comment form one time to be entered for all the future mystery box giveaways

I will post up photos and details of what will be in the next mytery box nearer the time and I will keep a winners list at the bottom of this page.

All the products and books will be slightly used/part used. Any coloured images will be removed as gently and carefully as possibly so if you win books they will have a few pages removed from them. I will keep products in their original packaging where possible and open as carefully as I can.

I cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged parcels and do not have spares of anything to resend if this happens. I will parcel up as well as i can and send as a tracked/recorded parcel.

I will be funding the cost of packaging/posting out of my own pocket so please do consider sharing this blog to your social media pages or telling others about it.









09/10/2016 Congratulations to the winner of my first Mystery Box Giveaway Elizabeth Sorsby – you can see what was in the mystery box and see the drawing for the winner here



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