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This blog is going on hold for a while as sadly i’ve come down with very bad flu and it’s flared my fibromyalgia up to the point where I can barely get out of bed or move.

I will hopefully be back and I will be slowly colouring a tiny bit when I am able so will try and post occasionally.


Much love,



Grab my husbands sci-fi thriller for free

Grab my husbands sci-fi thriller for free – Red Town is available for a short while for free on Kindle



The year is 2114 and humanity is divided into two camps: The world governing Lowman and Cartwright Industries and those whose loyalty remains with the United Nations. Once again, humanity stands on the brink of war.

And yet, from across the abyss of space, patchy news reaches Earth of a massive humanitarian disaster on LCI Planet Amun. Cartwright City – also known as Red Town – is being destroyed by a nightmare born of a technology even it’s creators do not fully understand. The living have become mindless killers and the dead are not staying dead…and even worse horrors await. A difficult alliance must be formed to face an unexpected and inhuman enemy and to survive the coming madness…

Red Town

Kindle Edition: Check Amazon for Pricing Digital Only


After coming down with full on flu over the festive season I am finally well enough to start using my computer and have picked the remaining winners for my blogs advent giveaway – they have all been contacted by email about their wins.

Anyone that emailed their details before Christmas and that hasn’t received their prize yet please do let me know so I can chase it up for you.

Here is the full list of winners:

DAY 1 Carole Nott
DAY 2 Catherine McAlinden
DAY 3 Lara Bestwick
DAY 4 Kirsty Broadhead
DAY 5 Kim Neville
DAY 6 Lara Boekhoff
DAY 7 Yvonne Brownsea
DAY 8 Claire Bbdiva Butler
DAY 9 Margie Vickers
DAY 10 Fiona Sanderson
DAY 11 Helen Metcalfe
DAY 12 Pete Seaman
DAY 13 Jennifer Haden
DAY 14 Terri Jenner Was Matthias
DAY 15 Sharon Jackson
DAY 16 Amanda Jane Day
DAY 17 Rebecca Colby
DAY 18 Clair Downham
DAY 19 Kim Styles and Tracy K Nixon
DAY 20 Jan Johnson
DAY 21 Jodie E Harvey
DAY 22 Rebecca Colby
DAY 23 Maggie Lee-Roberts
DAY 24 – GRAND PRIZE – Leslie Crosbie

My first post of 2017

Apologies i’ve not blogged in a while – I’m afraid my Christmas and New Year were not so great as I came down with full on flu.

I am just starting to shift it now and finally feel well enough to sit at my laptop for 30 minutes or so.

I will be picking the remaining winners of my blogs advent giveaway today so watch your inbox if you entered any of the giveaways.

I look forward to chatting and catching up with you all soon.




I have found a Ton of Adult Colouring Competitions

I know you all love an Adult Colouring Competition and I have dug about on the internet using my awesome powers of sniffing out all things colouring related to find you a whole host of competitions to enter.

All are open to those in the UK and some are open Worldwide!

Just a quick reminder that I have lots of giveaways going on at the moment:

There is a giveaway ending today (17th Dec 2016) to win Any 5 books from Mia Harpers ’For My..’ range and 3 packs of Djeco Marker Pens

Daily giveaways until the 24th Dec 2016 with my One Colour at a Time Advent Giveaway

My Christmas Twist Colouring Challenge and Giveaway which is open until the 26th Dec 2016

Plus my ongoing Mystery Box Giveaway

But it’s not just my blog that loves a giveaway and I’ve found a lot of other adult colouring competitions to share with you all!

Daily Advent Giveaways with Stabilo and Staedtler

Several Adult Colouring Books being given away here – check regularly for more

Win a copy of Colour Together Christmas Colouring Book – Ends 19th Dec 2016

Win 1 of 17 Copies of Tangle Magic – Ends 20th Dec 2016

Win £30/$30 of Spectrum Noir products in this Monthly Challenge – Here is Decembers 

Win a bundle worth over $600/£380 – Ends 3rd Jan 2017

Win an Orla Kiely Colouring Book – Ends 15th Jan 2017

Win a 1 of 3 copies of The Great British Bake Off Colouring Book – Ends 18th Jan 2017

Win 1 of 10 Colouring Book Sets – Ends 19th Jan 2017

Win a Colouring Bundle worth £162 – Ends 17th Feb 2017


If you spot any other adult colouring competitions or perhaps are running one yourself let me know in the comments and I will get it added to the list.


As always shares and blog follows appreciated!

Spectrum Noir Colorista Review

I purchased the full set of Spectrum Noir Colorista Alcohol Markers the day they launched in the UK as well as 4 of the books.

Personally I decided not to buy the Pencils as I already own Prisma Color Pencils and to be honest my budget just wouldn’t stretch to buying them as well.

Since buying them i’ve not actually used them very much so thought it about time to sit down and review them.

Spectrum Noir ColoristaThe books I purchased were 2 of the pre-glittered kind where the images have some areas glittered and you literally colour over the top of the glitter using the Colorista Alcohol Markers. I also purchased 2 that are not glittered and I have yet to colour in those 2.

The books I purchased are:

Exquisite Florals – Pre-Glittered wallpaper style floral designs

In Full Bloom – Pre-Glittered various designs including sayings, hearts, birds

Eastern Promise – Mandala style designs

Under the Sea – Sealife designs – not as intricate as the other books

All the books I have are A4 in size and have 16 pages of images as well as a removable sheet to use placed under your work as alcohol markers will bleed through.  The books are top opening and the sheets tear out very easily just being glued into the book – so you can easily remove them to frame or perhaps get creative with once coloured in.

Spectrum Noir ColouristaThe paper is heavyweight artist grade paper specially designed to be used with the Colorista Alcohol Markers. The images are quite thickly outlined in black and it’s fairly easy even with my shaky hand and bad eyes to stay inside the lines.

The images vary but there are no overly intricate or complicated designs so these are very suitable for those new to the hobby of adult colouring or perhaps those that have problems with more intricate images and detailed books.

Pre-glittered areas are found in two of the books and the glitter does not easily rub off and really gives a lovely look to finished images. It was suprisingly easy to colour over the top of and you can blend colours on those areas as well if you want to.

The pens are round barelled and quite chunky but not clumsy or awkward to use. They are dual ended with a fine nib and extra fine nib which are bullet type ends. Caps are a bit stiff to get off to start with (I literally had to ask my hubby to help take the caps off them to start with) but after a few uses they are much easier to work with.

Colorista pens are a joy to work with giving a lovely smooth finish with no penstrokes visible which is what I love most about using alcohol markers.

The different pen colours mix very well together and you can blend any of the pens together – here are some simple closeups of blending I have acheived – I am no pro or expert and am quite a novice at using alcohol markers so was very pleased with how easy this was to do.

15589553_10154573216770412_1809168157021842842_n 15439919_10154573216765412_841843352916503690_n 15590234_10154573216760412_363378664499662265_n 15578516_10154573216750412_1437234958726505448_n 15590197_10154573216755412_8920436844644575387_n

I have now completed several of the designs in the glittered books and have found them very quick and easy to complete and very easy going on my hands which often cause me a lot of pain and discomfort when colouring.


15401042_10154573217420412_8819190475674118890_n 15578660_10154573217425412_8683468747692585400_n I’m looking forward to working from the other 2 books soon and hope that Colorista bring out more of these lovely pre-glittered books to add to their range.

Overall I am very impressed by the Spectrum Noir Colorisa Books and Pens – they are well made and really have been designed for adult colouring rather than craft or art products that often have nib types we don’t use, colours we don’t want and paper that just isn’t up to the job.

One Colour at a Time Scores the Colorista Range a fantastic 9.7 out of 10.

Only being marked down a tiny bit from a perfect score due to an irritating plastic hangy bit (sorry I don’t know the technical name for it) that you need to tear off otherwise you can’t actually fold the top cover over the top of the book?

Plus a tiny mark down for the glittered areas not being matching – on some images for example you have all the matching areas on petals glittered except on one petal so when you colour it in that one petal will look a bit darker and won’t have the glitter.

But these are the tiniest of mark downs and this range is otherwise as near to perfect as you can get.






The First Entry into my Christmas Twist Challenge Giveaway

I’ve received the first entry into my Christmas Twist Challenge and Giveaway

image002This entry is from Liz who has coloured an image of a Peacock from Colour Therapy Notecard by Michael O’Mara Books Ltd.

Liz used red, green & white pencils and gold, silver & white gel pens. (You are restricted to only using Red, Green, Silver, Gold and White for this challenge)

She incorporated the candy cane look (which is the twist part of my challenge) on the peacocks head, neck, some feathers & a flower.

I am very impressed by Liz’s entry and I can’t wait to see what other creations you all come up with.

I am colouring a challenge entry myself but obviously won’t be entering myself into the giveaway – it’s taking me a few days though as my image is super fiddly.

If you’d like to give my challenge a go please check out my post here http://onecolouratatimeblog.com/colouring-challenge-christmas-twist/ which has all the details.





I love setting challenges on my blog and I hope that they help inspire you to try something a bit different with your colouring.

This is a challenge to colour a non-christmas image using only these standard christmas colours: White, Gold, Silver, Red and Green.

The twist is that you must incorporate at least one small part of the image with a candycane type effect. So whether you go for traditional red and white stripes or green, red and white like this one – you get the idea.


It’s up to you what image you colour and you can colour/draw a background if you like.

As this is quite a tough challenge and it’s the festive season i’m going to have a random draw for a mystery colouring prize.

You have until the 26th Dec Midnight GMT to get you image coloured in and emailed to me 1colouratatime@gmail.com with the subject CHRISTMAS TWIST – please let me know where the image is from/which book etc.. and the colouring medium/s used

This challenge and giveaway are open worldwide – but if someone outside the UK wins please bear in mind the prize may not arrive in time for Christmas.

This challenge is open to any age person so feel free to let your kiddies get involved.

Just 1 entry per person though please.

The prize will be worth at least £20 and will be a mystery selection of colouring products.

Review of Rescue Me Horses

Rescue Me Horses as the title suggests is an adult colouring book full of images of horses to colour. With various different types of horses in lots of different poses there is a wide range of images to keep this charming book interesting. There are even a couple unicorns and flying horses thrown in for good measure!

rescue me horses

The horses are drawn beautifully and the images are then full of different patterns on the horses faces and bodies to colour in.

Rescue Me Horses is an A4 sized book and is from amazon createspace so the paper is fairly thin and much like home printer paper in quality and thickness.

The images are single sided so as long as you use a sheet of backing paper or card when working you could use whatever colouring mediums you like.

Cate Edwards has used India Ink to Hand Draw these images and has done a great job.

Some images have borders, backgrounds and others are plainer.

The difficulty range of the images varies as well with plenty of challenging images with intricate details mixed in with plenty of less complicated images with bigger spaces and thicker lines.

I have coloured the first image from the book using my favourite colouring medium Prisma Colour Pencils.

rescue me horses

I’m very pleased with what I acheived and enjoyed colouring this image which took me a couple evenings to complete.

rescue me horsesThe back cover of Rescue Me Horses shows a few of the images contained in the book so you can see the style of Cate Edwards drawing and a sample of what to expect in the book.

Overall this is a really lovely book and great for anyone with a love of horses.

Even though i’m not a horse fan myself these images are so wonderfully drawn that I will be happily colouring in quite a few of them before passing the book on to someone else to enjoy.

I score Rescue Me Horses a most wonderful 9 out of 10





Rescue Me Horses: Adult Coloring: Volume 2

New From: £5.42 GBP In Stock

Groupon Santa’s Mystery Sack Unboxing

I recently posted about a Groupon offer I had taken up called Santa’s Mystery Sack.

You can read my post here:

Mystery Boxes and Subscription Boxes – Love OR Hate?

I have now received both my parcels of goodies and am very pleased with what I received. I didn’t win any of the top prizes but I did get one quite nice item and all the items I received are worth a lot more than the amount I paid and will make great gifts and stocking fillers.

Here are my two unboxing videos – enjoy!

I’d love to hear if you took up this offer and if you did what you received.

Overall i’m very happy with this offer and would give it a solid 8 out of 10 – worth a shot!

If you are viewing on a mobile device here are the links to the youtube videos:

Groupon Santa Sack Unboxing 1 of 2

Groupon Santa Sack Unboxing 2 of 2

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